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Gerardo Gálvez

Research staff
Data Analysis

(+34) 91 3364696, dept.1781

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I am  working at UPM (Technical University of Madrid) in Madrid since 2010 and pursuing my PhD at Biomedical Engineering (CTB-UPM Program).

My research interests are: Acoustics, electronics, programming, Arts, Brain and Neuroscience (EEG-Electroencephalography, MEG-Magnetoencephalography and NFB-Neurofeedback).

Current Position

  • Fellowship at UPM:

  · Lab. Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience (LNCyC), Center Biomedical Engineering (CTB)
· Lab.  Instrumentation and Applied Acoustic Research Group (I2A2), Foundation for the Promotion of Industrial Innovation (F2I2)

  • CFO at Mindzilla

Short Bio

Gerardo (Madrid, 1985) interested in complement his studies in music and piano from the scientific point of view, studied Engineering in Telecommunications esp. Sound and Image (University Carlos III of Madrid, 2007) whose final thesis on "Image processing for Old Scores analysis" was rated with Distinction. Later, He granted Degree in Audiovisual Systems Engineering (University Carlos III of Madrid, 2010). He continued his studies with a MSc Telemedicine and Bioengineering (Technical University of Madrid, 2011). Currently on the Research Periode at PhD. in Biomedical Engineering (Technical University of Madrid) program awarded the Mention towards Excellence by the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain.

He is currently working at the I2A2 (Applied Acoustic Research Group, 2011-present) and LNCyC-CTB Lab. ( 2013-present) both of them in UPM (Technical University of Madrid) performing a team about "Acoustic Technologies as Therapy For Neurological Diseases". Before, He worked in the Multimedia Division in most important Telecommunications Company in Spain at Research (Telefónica I+D SAU, 2006-2007).

Parallel is on unpaid leave of Hydrocarbon Logistics Company (CLH, 2008-2011) where he was working as Pipeline Dispatching Engineer among other tasks, Data Mining highlighting them all.


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Other publications

Journal: indexed

  1. Crespo, A., Recuero, M., Galvez, G., & Begoña, A. (2013). Effect of Binaural Stimulation on Attention and EEG. Archives of Acoustics, 38(4), 517–528. doi:10.2478/aoa-2013-0061

Journal: non indexed

  1. Gálvez, G. (2013). Estudio de terapias acústicas para la mejora de la sintomatología en el párkinson. Revista Párkinson Madrid. nº45 - trimestre 1/2013. p. 15.

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