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Gema Díaz is a pre-doctoral student in Neuroscience and clinical neuropsychologist. She is graduated in psychology, and possess a Master degree in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience. She brings to the lab her experience as a clinical neuropsichologist for more than 5 years.
Her research is performed in collaboration with the Clinical Neurociences group at the University of Islas Baleares. The main aim of her research is to extend the previous findings that the group established about neuropsichological assessment in young and elderly people through the Madrid Card Sorting Test (MCST). She intends to shed new light on this topic by using the MEG neurophsysiological recordings.

Other research interests

Clinical neuroscience

Our research line focuses on cortical oscillations and brain functional connectivity in neuropsychiatric disorders, such as epilepsy, stroke, psychosis and autism

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